InboundAutomation™ is our unique phrase to describe the essence of what TrinDocs does better than anyone else. InboundAutomation is the process of automating the receipt, data read, routing and entry of inbound electronic content.  All business software solutions today enable an organization to send electronic transaction content (invoices, receipts, work orders, timesheets and more).  However, there are no solutions designed to enable an organization to RECEIVE such content!  TrinDocs enables organizations to automate the receipt and processing of those transactions.

When you receive electronic content (such as a vendor eMailing a PDF invoice), what steps do you take today to process it?  Do you print it?  Do you key it?  Do you need to review or match it?  Do your locations need to see it?  Does it need approval? 
TrinDocs enables ALL of those steps to be completely automated!  Our solution will even monitor a designated mailbox for you to watch for these transactions coming in!  It will automatically receive them, verify them, apply business rules, route them for approval and, when finished, it will automatically put the information into your business software!  We can virtually eliminate the need for data entry and manual routing.  And, the final document is automatically stored in a secure, electronic format that is instantly retrievable from your software, a browser or even our mobile app (Yes, we have a mobile app to search, retrieve and approve documents!).

PDF to ERPOld Process

1. Invoice is received via email.
2. Employee monitors email inbox for new e‐mails.
3. Employee opens attached PDF.
4. Employee prints PDF.
5. Employee retrieves PO and receipt lines from ERP system.
6. Employee matches receipt lines to invoice.
7. Employee keys invoice into ERP system.
8. Employee files paper copy in filing cabinet.

New Process with InboundAutomation

1. TrinDocs automatically monitors and processes inbound emailed invoices.
2. Employee validates invoice data in TrinDocs, clicks approve.
(Everyone has immediate access to search and retrieve invoices based on permissions.)

New Process with InboundAutomation

If you could process your transactions with half the staff what is that worth to you?

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